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Sunday, April 14, 2013


Elegance™ Is A Fast & Stable Rom made by Aniruddh Chandratre...
It Is Made For Pure Jelly-Bean UI....
Pie Control

Cybershot Modules Pre-Installed

Extreme Audio Enhancement
Apollo Music From ICS

Special Features
Has 23 powerful and power-efficient CPU Governor
5 I/O Scheduler
Lasts up to two days on a single charge

Basically Features:
Recompressed APKs
Optimized APK Images
Busybox and Busybox run-parts Support
Apps2SD [A2SD]
Must have Features:
15 Toggles Notification Drawer
6 Lockscreens from Gingerbread AOSP/CM with custom app starter and gesture unlock
Statusbar Tweaks + Team Battery Bar
4 Way Reboot Options
Expanded Power Menu

Unique Features:
No SMS Bug
No useless features
Least Branding

Advanced Features:
EXT4 File System Support
Swap Support
BaCeM Tweak
Undervolt Support
Firewall Support
Ad-blocking hosts file


Installation Guide:

1. Reboot into recovery[CWM]
2. Wipe data
3. Wipe Cache partition
4. Goto advanced -> Wipe dalvik cache
5. Goto advanced -> Wipe battery stats
6. Install zip from SD card
7. Choose zip from SD card
8. Choose the zip file''....
9. Let it install.
10. Press Back Button And Reboot The Device.
11. Enjoy!



Maxwel Robson said...


Andro Archive said...

The rom is stable and bugs free..... as per My Testing.....

Aroon Visu said...

My Home Button doesn't work! help!!

prithvi hv said...

there r no icon in the menu

Andro Archive said...

the icon will appear...

Andro Archive said...

home button may got damage or the phone may become slow....

you can use nexus-soft-button

ULFUR said...

what kernell do i need to run this rom?

Andro Archive said...

Hell's Fusion

Roy Dela Cruz said...

can i run this using stock kernel ?

Andro Archive said...

no the kernel is provided!

idjie akbar said...

how to add aplication?

Aarseth said...

Please help.. the wifi conect, but play store and browser not conect..

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